High Blood Pressure: My story

I have high blood pressure.

Hi, I’m Robert Reddin. This is my story.

My journey to the creation of this web site started one warm Saturday morning several summers ago with a routine visit to the local shopping mall.High blood pressure

Outside the mall was a product demonstration unit from a company that sold cholesterol reducing food products. I was invited to have a free cholesterol test. Why not? I thought. That turned out to be a very wise decision.

My cholesterol level was a bit higher than was desirable but not high enough to worry about. Then I was offered a blood pressure check. Why not? I thought again.

I was told I had high blood pressure, which came as news to me. My diastolic blood pressure was 109, which meant nothing to me at the time.

The following Monday I went to see my doctor. He did a blood pressure test that confirmed I was borderline severe high blood pressure.

If I had not gone to the shopping mall and not stopped off at that product promotion I would not have known I had high blood pressure. I was put medication (an ACE Inhibitor, which like all drugs, has unpleasant side effects) to control my blood pressure and I had regular checkups. I also made diet and lifestyle changes.

I did not want to be taking medication for the rest of my life. So I researched ways to lower my blood pressure naturally. I have followed the advice contained in The High Blood Pressure Remedy Report, which I have reviewed here.

My systolic blood pressure is now at normal levels and my diastolic blood pressure is between normal and high normal on the World Health Organization’s scale. That is a result and it is thanks to The High Blood Pressure Remedy Report.

The motivation for this web site is to be able to pass on what I have learned so that you too can lower your blood pressure without the need to take medicines. If I can do it, so can you!

[important]Update [/important]

I have recently been quite unwell and needed to see a doctor. Yesterday,  I drove to the clinic, which is in an unfamiliar part of town with no convenient parking. It was a hot day ( I am currently visiting a country with a tropical climate) and it was humid. There was no air conditioning in the clinic. Worse, I suffer from “white coat syndrome” meaning my blood pressure readings taken in a doctor’s office are usually elevated by stress.

My pressures were 120/80 using a sphygmomanometer. I was sceptical. When I got home I measured my blood pressures using a digital blood pressure monitor – 121/79.

That is a result and it is thanks to The High Blood Pressure Remedy Report.


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