How to lower your high blood pressure

The most important things you can do to prevent or reduce your high blood pressure is to make these simple changes to your lifestyle:Reduce hypertension

Lose weight:

Losing weight will help reduce your blood pressure. Weight loss can be achieved with the correct combination of good nutrition and exercise, so try and eat healthy foods and get more active!

Take Regular exercise:

It is very important for both weight loss and preventing high blood pressure to be active and regularly exercising. Every little bit helps, so take any opportunity to be more active or exercise, whether it’s walking to the shops, weeding the garden, doing housework or taking the stairs instead of the lift is a way of improving health. More activity and exercise means a stronger and healthier cardiovascular system and lower blood pressure.

Reduce your salt consumption:

Too much salt in the diet may also contribute to high blood pressure. Most people in the “West” eat far more salt than they need – this is because many foods, especially fast foods, snack foods and processed foods from the supermarket contain a lot of salt. It is not difficult to eat less salt if you eat more fresh food and choose products labelled “low salt or “no added salt”.

If you have high blood pressure do not add salt at the table and reduce the amount you use in cooking. If you’re used to adding a lot of salt, try cutting down the amount you use gradually. Add extra flavour by using more herbs, spices, lemon juice, garlic, fresh ginger or chilli.

Quit Smoking:

Although smoking doesn’t directly increase blood pressure it can add to the harm caused by high blood pressure, and increase the risk of stroke and heart disease as well as many other health problems. Once you stop smoking this extra harm is soon reduced and you’ll have less risk of health problems as well as high blood pressure.

Reduce your Alcohol consumption:

Too much alcohol contributes to high blood pressure. However there’s evidence that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol – one to two standard drinks a day – may help prevent diseases like stroke and heart disease. Alcohol is a vasodilator (it opens up your veins) which for a limited time reduces your blood pressure. However, too much alcohol will increase blood pressure because of the excess calories you take in leads to weight gain and higher blood pressure.

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