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High Blood pressure: The Hypertension Pharmacy in Your Back Yard

There are many herbs, fruits and vegetables than can help us to lower our high blood pressure. They can also lower high blood pressure naturallymake the hypertension medication prescribed by our doctor even more effective and that could lead to a lower dosage being required to achieve the same effect. No matter how small your back yard is, even if you only have a window box, you can still grow some of your own therapeutic herbs and vegetables.

The size of our vegetable plot and the climate will influence what we can grow and when it can be grown. If all the space you have available is just a few window boxes or a small balcony, focus on growing compact plants that have high therapeutic value, such as:

  • garlic,
  • tomatoes
  • celery
  • parsley

If you have the space, grow some sunflowers for their seeds.

You can use a convenient window sill as a makeshift green house to germinate the seeds and bulbs you have planted before transplanting into your window boxes or larger pots on your balcony.

In a small garden, plant vegetables in with your ornamental flowers to increase cultivation space. According to the season, you will be able to grow a wider range of produce including:

  • broccoli
  • cabbage
  • carrots
  • cauliflower
  • peas
  • spinach
  • sunflowers
  • squash
  • watermelon
  • zucchini

A small greenhouse and cold frame will help protect your seedlings and plants against frost and cold winds. If the climate is suitable, you can also grow:

  • melon
  • passion flowers, but bear in mind that this vine can grow to 9 metres, so you might want to train it against a house or garage wall; and
  • watermelon.

The bigger your plot, the wider the variety of produce you can grow, including some that can only be grown in greenhouses in temperate climates. The climate and season will influence the range of crops you can cultivate. For example, if you live in a temperate climate you can also grow:

  • apple trees
  • more than one variety of potato to extend your harvest
  • hawthorn (as a hedging plant)

In a tropical climate you can also grow:

  • bananas
  • citrus fruit
  • eggplant
  • hibiscus
  • papaya
  • passion flower

Having your own ‘physic garden’ is good way to grow some of the herbs and plants that can help us lower our blood pressure naturally. In addition, many people find cultivating plants to be a relaxing hobby and that too can reduce our hypertension naturally.

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