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High Blood Pressure: Walk Your Hypertension Away

Exercise is a great way to lower our high blood pressure naturally. In our modern, high pressure lower high blood pressure naturallycompartmentalized lives, exercise is something we do at the gym or health club. Our bodies are designed to be active, which is why a sedentary lifestyle often leads to hypertension. There is a simple form of exercise most of us can do at any time and anywhere we choose. It is walking and it is the best form of exercise for us.

Recently published long-term research carried out for the British Heart Foundation shows that:

  1. brisk walking for thirty minutes a day, five days a week is enough to protect the heart from inflammation that can lead to heart disease and hypertension, and
  2. it is never too late to start exercising and reap the benefits.

Walk your hypertension away – the super exercise

Walking is a low impact form of exercise:

Unlike running or jogging, there is little stress on the knees, ankles and tendons of the foot. That makes it ideal for those of us who are overweight and not used to taking regular exercise more demanding than operating the TV remote control.

Walking can be a good form of cardiovascular exercise:

The aim is to walk briskly so that our heart rate increases. Depending upon our age, the ideal rate is between 110 and 120 beats per minute. Keeping up this pace for about thirty minutes each day strengthens our hearts, lungs and arteries. A healthy cardiovascular system results in lower blood pressure.

Walking relieves stress:

When we are happy our body releases endorphins. These negate the effect of the adrenaline released by stress. Adrenalin puts us into “fight or flight” mode, that is when nature intended is to have higher blood pressure. Exercising also releases endorphins and reduces your stress levels. This is one way in which walking helps to lower our high blood pressure.

Walking aids weight loss:

Walking increases our metabolism. That means our bodies covert our food into energy more efficiently. Having a higher metabolic rate makes it easier for us to lose weight by burning up the energy stored as surplus fat on and in our body. Losing weight is an excellent way to reduce hypertension.

The benefits of walking are long-lasting:

Cardiovascular exercise such as brisk walking for half an hour can reduce our high blood pressure by between 4 and 9 points, which is as effective as some prescription hypertension medications but without the side effects. Because the benefits of exercise last for almost 24 hours, it is important to exercise regularly.

Walk your hypertension away – make full use of your exercise time:

Walking is natural. We need no special equipment, other than a good pair of shoes. We do not have to concentrate on doing the exercise, we just do it. That means, subject to ensuring our safety, we can use the time to do other things such as practicing vocabulary for a foreign language we are learning or listening to a personal development program or an audio book on an mp3 player. At the same time, we can also relax our eyes by focusing on objects in the middle and far distances. We are only limited by our imagination.

[important][/important]Walking your hypertension away is a great way to lower your high blood pressure naturally.


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