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High Blood Pressure: How to Reduce Your Hypertension Naturally

Are you managing your high blood pressure with expensive prescription medicines? Whilst these are effective andLower High Blood Pressure Naturally have their place in treating our hypertension, all drugs have side effects. Some side effects are annoying; others are much more serious. Do you really want to be taking medication for the rest of your life?

Do you know that we can lower our high blood pressure naturally without having to take drugs every day for the rest of our lives? That possibility had not occurred to me until recently.

The good news is that it is not difficult to do. All that is required is a bit of effort and some self-discipline on our part.

High blood pressure and lifestyle

Our hypertension is inextricably linked to our lifestyles. Being overweight is a known risk factor for hypertension. Reducing our weight to a healthy level will improve our general health and that will help bring our high blood pressure levels down.

Diet and high blood pressure

Our diet plays an important part in regulating our blood pressure. The traditional dietary advice given to hypertensives is to reduce the amount of sodium in our diet. At one time that meant just reducing the amount of salt we added to our food. Not any more! Convenience foods and snack foods now forms a significant part of our diets. These types of foods often contain large amounts of fat and salt. So, if we eat them at all, we need to choose low fat and reduced sodium products. It is better to have these foods as an occasional treat, not an everyday food item.

Exercise and high blood pressure

We need to kick our sedentary lifestyle and become more physically active if we are serious about reducing our blood pressure. Walking is the easiest and most comfortable form of exercise for most people, but every little bit of exercise helps.

Smoking causes high blood pressure

Those of us who do should quit smoking. Apart from the direct health risks of smoking, it also increases our blood pressure. Kicking the smoking habit is probably the hardest part of lowering our blood pressure naturally.

The relationship between alcohol and high blood pressure

We also need to reduce our alcohol consumption. Paradoxically, having just a few drinks a week can be beneficial to our health. The problems come when we have more than a couple of standard drinks a day. It is then that we start to pile on the pounds and all that extra weight increases our blood pressure.

[important][/important]Adopting these simple lifestyle changes will help to lower your high blood pressure naturally.

© Robert Reddin

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